Spa & Pool Enclosures

Get more enjoyment out of your pool, hot tub or outdoor spa by prolonging your swim time with an Apollo Sunrooms enclosure. Soak in relaxation longer into the evening and further into the season while providing additional safety for your children and pets with an Apollo Sunrooms pool and spa enclosure. Save on the energy required to keep the pool at the correct temperature, reduce time spent on ongoing maintenance and help keep the pH stable by protecting your pool, hot tub or spa from acid rain, dust and insects.

Some of our enclosures can also be an elegant addition to your outdoor d├ęcor and provide privacy with a high-profile enclosure.

Starting at $10,000, Apollo Sunrooms offers a variety of pool, hot tub and spa enclosures including:

  1. Retractable pool enclosures
  2. Three or four season pool enclosures
  3. Fully opening wall systems
  4. Attached pool, hot tub and spa structures
  5. Free-standing enclosures

These enclosures come in many standard sizes, styles and profile options with optional roof systems, and Apollo Sunrooms can work with you to select the one that will best fit your needs or create a custom designed structure to precisely fit your requirements.

For more information, please contact us to book your free in-home consultation.