Three Seasons

Make room for brilliance with a three season sunroom, the perfect room to enjoy the stunning beauty of the outdoors free from wind, rain and insects from early spring until late fall. Add a fireplace or electric wall furnace to extend the season or for comfort on those chilly autumn evenings.

Enjoy the majesty of the outdoors under perfect conditions – every time.

Apollo Sunrooms offers a wide range of three season sunrooms starting at $15,000. Choose a solid roof system, with the option of skylights or glazed panels to provide shade and protection from rain while letting day or starlight into the sunroom. Opening windows are incorporated into the design to provide adequate ventilation, an important part of all Apollo sunrooms. For that open feeling, select a single pane tempered glass roof with optional shades for optimum heat management on sunny days.

Patio enclosures can also be created using three season sunroom walls and components to convert an existing covered deck into an enclosed space free of wind, bugs, and rain. Our component wall systems can be adapted to fit almost any space quickly and economically.

For more information on three season sunrooms, patio enclosures or screen rooms, please contact us. We offer in-home consultations at no charge.